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Internal Medicine and Nephrology

Dr. Amr Mohamed is a nephrologist in Lexington, KY and specializes in internal medicine and nephrology. He has been featured in interviews worldwide for his insights into kidney health, emerging technologies and tips for health maintenance and recovery. Learn more about Dr. Amr Mohamed on this website, or for more technical analyses, visit his secondary website, Amr Mohamed Nephrologist.  


Learn all about nephrology, from the history and advancement of the field to the latest techniques used by healthcare professionals today. 

Parient Care

Learn about Dr. Amr Mohamed’s unique approach to patient care as well as his success stories with patients in the field of nephrology. 


Learn about dialysis and what treatment entails. Here you’ll find information about dialysis treatment and your options like home dialysis treatment. 

Dr. Amr mohamed

"There is nothing better than saving lives."


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Learn about nephrology from Dr. Amr Mohamed's latest post.

“Chronic Kidney disease is a major public health concern. More than 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease.” 

Read more in Dr. Amr Mohamed’s latest Google News feature. 

Dr. Amr Mohamed


Dr. Amr Mohamed in the Media

Dr. Amr Mohamed has been featured on international news platforms such as The Manhattan Herald the News Net Media and Cali Post. Visit Dr. Amr Mohamed’s Media section on the site to learn about his latest interviews where he discusses topics such as kidney health, patient care and dialysis. 

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